Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heather is actually posting.
after a brief sabbatical from it, i'm back for about as long as i have the inspiration. which will probably only be about enough inspiration for 1 post or so...haha.
i've been busy. every time i say i've been busy i get busier and have to redefine my definition of busy. Last week busy was memorizing over 30 verses in less than a week, writing and completing a speech in 3 days, writing a 5-7 page research paper, along with general studying for quizteam and going away basically everyday and my school. and then i got sick. and the whole family has been getting over fevers and coughing and hacking and blowing our noses ever since. anyways. i'm deep into quiz team and the last like 10 pictures here are from that so sorry to anyone who is sick of the girls in the green, that is just our uniform and that is only like 1/4th of all the pictures of us. it's a fun year..=] but anyways. i'll go on with the pics =]
starting off here with my niece that i haven't seen in 3 weeks. i want to see her. kylie is almost 2 months old and she is such a sweetie.
and here is bethany and me =] this is again only 1 out of like a hundred pics..i went to visit her last month =] that made me happyyy.

this would be leanna, me N bethanie at our valentines banquet that our youth guys had for the girls. they rented a limo, made thefood and gave us all roses--we were very impressed!
[i'm not sure why the pictures are so stinking grainy..sorry about that]
i went snowboarding with my maryland friends =] i have never been so sore. SERIOUSLY. ouch. oh, but it was worth the fun...=]
anndd now i will introduce to you probably one of the worst teams in macsa Bible quizzing. haha..oh but we are having such fun. and we aren't the worst team there...thankfully =]
we were trying to think in this picture. or look thoughtful. which is a lot of what we do when we are standing up there trying to think why in the world we ever jumped and thought we could get that question! ha.
aaaand i accidentally deleted a whole bunch of pictures i had on here....gotta go find them again.
we were shocked!

here the wind is supposed to be blowing us away. hahaand last but not least me and my nephew carter!! i want to see him again too!!

annd heather needs to get off the computer and do other things that need to be done before tomorrow.. i was gonna get off the computer at 8..haha what a joke i kno!! anyways...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

yo peeps! so i'm here jus tryin out dis new concept of posting since i just haven't felt the pressing urgent (or ergent as some *ahem* people would say) N yeah to say the least i have nothing to say the least about it all.
if you haven't noticed by now i started this lovely post out a little differently. not usre why i did it, i mean i absolutely hate it when people act like they can't spell. I mean, seriously what is the use of taking 13 years of english in school and not ever even using it correctly?
but anyways. enough about english. i'm here today to talk about geography. no not really, but i guess i could. i mean, seriously. Do you know how many people have absolutely no idea where Haiti is? Before i left for haiti, someone asked if i was going to take a bus to haiti or fly there. Umm, well yeah i'd definitely opt for the bus when we are crossing the carribean sea. Or actually, i may want a snowmobile to cross all those icebergs since someone asked if haiti was North of Pennyslyvania. Yes, that actually happened. Another rather misguided person asked if it was close to Africa. Nope, sorry. Yeah. I'm just sayin'.
(if any among you have no idea where haiti is, it's in the carribeans, right beside the dominican republic)
No that we have a general idea of where haiti is and is not located, i guess i should actually tell about my trip to haiti.. it was awesome. need i say more? lol. i loved it. i want to go back. now. i know you all are just dying for pics but.. maybe in another couple of months, if you really bribe and sweet talk me you might actually see it happen. or i just might get a sudden inspiration to posst them on here. OR, my dear lovely readers of this blog, mainly chas, beth and lyss:: all you dear people could join facebook and i could share with you the pictures from haiti that my dear friends put on since i am too lazy to do it myself. that, oh yes that, would probably be the best way to go about this procedure. at any rate i must be going,, my schedule is extremely pressed an my head about to explode, so really i'll converse with you all later.
(i have a headache, N if you all will please exuse my but i write weird when those come upon me)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hey everyone.. we are leaving for haiti in 2 1/2 hours!! we'd all appreciate your prayers!!
we'll be there for a week N yeah we are definitely all pretty excited :-D
anyways i guess i'll leave ya all with that!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i just got back from kids club. well actually, i got back from kids club about an hour ago, but who's really counting. sorry if this post is a little scatterbrained but I'm wearing a black dress with very large whitish flowers on it and it's a little disturbing, especially for one who is like me. I guess you could go anywhere with that last part of that sentence cause even I don't know what it meant... anyways. so. the reason why I'm wearing this dress is cause my sister gave me a bunch of dresses and I was trying them on. and if you wanna guess the reason she gave them to me.. yeah. I'm leaving for HAITI in exactly 2 weeks!!! I'm so excited. i still hardly even think I'm going though cause yeah it's kinda hard to grasp the concept ya kno, I mean this brain of mine can only hold so much! lol.
we've been doing a lot of traveling lately. We've also had 2 extra 'people' going along with us. this is one of them..

We went to south carolina :-) carter had his first birthday while we were there. doesn't he look so elated :-) he loved his cake. so did we, right lyss??!?

we also went to maryland last weekend but we really don't have many pics of that because.. because.. we didn't take that many. except, the first pic in this post is of the way home from maryland when bessie was being a nut, no we usually do not let our dogs out of their cages when we are travelling, but my dear niece and nephew's kitty needed a cage, and yours truly forgot to bring an extra one, soo we ended up leaving bessie's cage there for the kitty, whatever its name is gonna be, so it could be saved from the cruel jaws of other evil things in life at night while all good kitties are supposed to be sleeping. So Bessie the dog that is on a diet laid in the back of the van and was a good doggie about 15% of the time. Gus on the other hand ( for those who are just joining the conversation, Gus is our 4 month old puppy, or should I say bessie's 4 month old puppy, and he is an absolute gem when it comes to traveling) was wonderful and we hardly knew he was there. K enough talk about the dogs, really people I do talk about other things than animals and my family, I just want to make shure you all have you daily dose of boring so you aren't deprived, cause you know what those deficiencies can do to you, things like well they may even be too nasty to write on a family friendly place like this. so anyways. what was I tlking about again?
oh did I mention I'm going to haiti in 14 days? 360 hours? 20160 seconds? yep, pretty excited.
it's been a loong time since I just sat down and rambled. Well, I mean on my blog. comments and emails, well, you might as well forget those :P

anyways wow yes this is a short post, but I simply must get to bed. Since I rearranged my bedroom I can't keep out of it =D talk to ya all later~ heather

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I used to post more often, at least I though I did, but maybe I didn't. But anyways.
I guess I kinda feel like rambling. I guess I could put pics on if I ever get around to it.. but.. pretty much everyone posted pics of what I would post pics of so if you wanna see them you could just hop onto my sisters site :-) but.. I'll still put a few on :-)
These are my brother-in-law's sister-in-laws sisters. waay too cute.
(these pics are from when bethanie&I went to maryland to connie&milfords wedding.. amazingly fun!)

Bethanie&I were the babysitters (aka the child coordinators) due to the fact that I will be getting a new niece or nephew in about 6 months. So trina couldn't run after the kids, so we had to. no, don't worry, as I said it was amazingly fun.
Another factor on the amazing chart was that I got to see this girl again, after like almost 2 years. I was pretty much happy all day long :-D Now onto pictures of other things..
My brother took this picture the other day. and no, I don't think he edited it at all.

Anyways. This week is VBS at our church, and I'm an assistant teacher for the 6 year olds. It is fun, need I say more? good, cause I don't have any more to say.
um.... oh. one of our puppies is hopefully leaving us next week. it is kinda saddening *sniff*
on another more happy note, tonight I'm going to my friends house and tomorrow my sister is coming and next week we are going to south carolina :-D amazing huh!!
anyways, now I need to get onto other more important things, like eating and smiling at random people on the street. No, not really, but...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

:.:.:Niagara Falls:.:.:
(plus a few other things)

K, I uploaded these and they came on sort of backwards so I'll be telling this a little backwards.
Anyways. so I have this really cool cousin who invited me to go on her schools jr/sr class trip with her since she was the only girl. and duh, i went :-D it was amazing :-)
Unfortunately my camera batteries died so i din't get any pictures of when we went to the skylon tower and a few other things, and I finally ended up paying like $13 US dollars for 4 batteries, but hey. it was still fun.
so anyways, like i said the pics are kinda backwards but we'll be ok.
this would be rose and I while we were bored waiting for our pizza :-)

..and this would be the floral clock....

...this is the cable car that we went across the whirlpool in.. pretty scary but actually pretty cool! and yes, we went alll the way over to the other side.. and back...

this is our chaperones walking down towards the falls.. they were awesome :-) LoL

this is pretty self-explanatory: the falls...
we walked right up to the falls here.. got pretty soaked too, even with our dorky ponchos on ;-)

and now we are back to last weekend when my sisters came.
Here I was holding Carter and Andre and Kristin quikly climbed into my lab to play with him cause they love him so much :-D
cute kid :-D

Me and my cousins when we went to grandmas :-)
:.:.:.mean aunt.:.:.: kristin loved the cake I made her..

and that ends my post :-D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

guess what. I'm posting! WoW! of course, all the pics you all want are on the other computer.. so u know what that means :P I'll be doing some serious STEALING tonight!
I get to see this kid in like 9 days. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Last weekend I went the New York City :-) It was.. the most fun I've had in a while :-) pretty much awesome :-D
If you look closely in this pic, the person walking across the street is scratching their head. that just cracked me up for some reason :-D

This is the really pretty park we went to and passed out tracts at..
Nancy and I at Central park. .. my apologies for looking like a dork.
Rhonda and sheri.. thanks to Rhonda for all the pics from nyc.. I didn't bring my camera :p
K so I think thats all for now :-) I can't believe I'm actually posting again. I'm sitting here on the computer and suddenly I'm like, hey, I should post. so I do. its that simple.
tonight it's just Justin n I at home. :-D doesn't happen too often.
anyways. I should get to bed. I used to post longer posts.. not sure why I don't any more.
We're down to 5 puppies, with 2 leaving this week. I'll have to post pictures of them, since they're so adorable, but you know, the pics aren't on this computer..
k I'm going :-)